Step 1: Register

Register yourself, business partner, spouse, or your tech/employee for this year's convention. You will be drafted from your CMIT account for the amount that you register for over the months remaining before the event. All locations are currently being charged for 1 registration, however, you will still need to register the individually you'd like to attend.


If you are the franchise owner then you are considered the “first franchisee attendee” and you are already being charged as part of your monthly draft for your $700 registration fee. To register officially, simply click on the link below and select the ticket labeled “First Franchisee Attendance”.

The password to register is: franchisee1

*Required per Operations Manual


To register any principals, team members or family members you will click on the link below and select “Additional Franchisee Attendee/Guest – Full or A La Carte”. You will then be able to select whether this individual is registering for the whole event or just specific portions. This individual(s) will be added to your billing and their charges will be divided equally among the months remaining until convention.

The password to register is: franchiseeplus

*Example: Convention is 6 months away and you just registered an additional attendee: $660/6 = $110. You will be billed $110 each month.

A La Carte

Monday – Welcome Reception - - $75
Tuesday – Day-time - - $125
Tuesday – Banquet - - $120
Wednesday – Full day - - $125
Thursday – Day-time - - $125
Thursday – Finale - - $115

Rules and Regulations

There are no refunds for any registration fees at any level. Registration fees are only transferable within a franchise and in new franchise ownership situations. For any cancellation of additional attendee (full or a la carte) made prior to the cancellation deadline of April 24, future drafts of their fee will cease and any payments already made towards their attendance may be carried forward to the next convention but only for the same level of attendee. After the deadline no such carry-forward can be made.

Next Steps...

Nominate for People's Choice, Technician of the Year, and Community Leader Awards