Step 1: Register

Register yourself, business partner, spouse, or your tech/employee for this year's convention. You will be drafted from your CMIT account for the amount that you register for over the months remaining before the event. All locations are currently being charged for 1 registration, however, you will still need to register the additional individual you'd like to attend.

Main Attendee | $700

Each franchise is currently being charged $700 for one attendee at convention, required per Operations Manual. This cost is broken out into a monthly charge and is drafted with your royalty payments.

Tech Experience | $350

$350 includes tech specific activities on Monday and Tuesday during the event plus daily access to the Tech Portal giving you a space to work tickets in between sessions. It does not include your sleeping accommodations.

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Additional Attendee | $660

For each additional attendee that you bring, you can select full attendance for $660 or pick and choose from the a la carte menu for what parts you want them to attend. The a la carte menu is outlined below.

Optional Training | $95

Cybersecurity, Privacy Pro and SIEM/SOC focused optional training available on Monday for Technicians and Franchisees that are not attending any other events that day.

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A La Carte

Welcome Reception Monday, April 29th - - $85 (includes food and drink at the evening event)

Daytime Tuesday, April 30th - - $115 (includes breakfast, lunch and snacks/coffee throughout the day)

Banquet Tuesday, April 30th - - $145 (includes the formal reception and awards dinner at an offsite venue)

Daytime Wednesday, May 1 - - $115 (includes breakfast, lunch and snacks/coffee throughout the day)

Daytime Thursday, May 2 - - $115 (includes breakfast, lunch and snacks/coffee throughout the day)

Finale event Thursday, May 2 - - $120 (includes dinner and “how to casino” finale event)

Rules and Regulations

There are no refunds for any registration fees at any level. Registration fees are only transferable within a franchise and in new franchise ownership situations. For any cancellation of additional attendee (full or a la carte) made prior to the cancellation deadline of April 1, future drafts of their fee will cease and any payments already made towards their attendance may be carried forward to the next convention but only for the same level of attendee. After the deadline no such carry-forward can be made.